Price Negotiation

The factories selected by Hexagon Sourcing International have substantial percentage of their turnover sold by Trendz Fashion Ltd. this provides an excellent negotiation basis, ensuring the best price. Hexagon Sourcing International will ensure a strict cost control plan, constantly monitored by the internal leader assigned to the order in question.

Order Placement

Trendz Fashion Ltd. will suggest the most suitable partner(s) for the project based on its thorough knowledge of each factory-quality levels, costs, delivery dates and production capabilities.

Product development and approval

Sampling and approval is supervised by Trendz Fashion Ltd. technicians who verify each request and technical demand of the product before shipping out the final sample to the client, thus avoiding loss of time. Trendz Fashion Ltd. follows each step of the sample creation: Prototype- Photographic and sales samples- Completion of final sample for approval and registration.

Production planning and order follow- up

The QC s and the merchandisers provide a permanent follow up by collecting daily information from the factories about the whole process. Trendz Fashion Ltd. has an extremely detailed and complete tracker that is the filled in with daily information, registering all the data related to the order in question, providing a faithful and permanent register of the product life cycle.

Quality control, in-line inspections and final inspection

Trendz Fashion Ltd. technician’s monitor every production by visiting the factories on a daily basis during the production run in fabric, application (print, embroidery ), stitching, and finishing stage until goods are shipped.

Shipment /logistics monitoring

Trendz Fashion Ltd. deals with highly complex files such as the ones that imply all the logistics of supplying the product to 20 different countries, obliging Hexagon Sourcing International’s staff to be proficient in all the matters related to legislation, bureaucracy and other procedures that may be needed.

Communication facilities

Much like the logistics related to the documentation, all the information duly and rigorously checked by Trendz Fashion Ltd. staff, very much aware of all the discrepancies that may occur, before being sent to the client.

Result analysis and actions correction

In a sampling stage, Trendz Fashion Ltd. and its clients meet in order to analyses the fitting sessions and go through all the involved details, identifying the ones that need improvement. A commercial analysis is also carried out after the collection launch in order to identify every possible improvement that will help the client to sell better and more in the next order.

Communication facilities and others

Hotel and restaurant reservation are also provide; communication facilities such as internet, telephone, fax and others are completely at their disposal to ensure the best possible communication with their head-offices in order to make the clients feel at home and to ensure that their time in Bangladesh is concentrated on their main task.